How To Motivate Your Offshore Employees

Hiring offshore employees can be a disaster if you don’t know how to properly manage them. A common misconception is that remote employees overseas work similar to outsourcing models where little to no oversight is required. Those new to offshoring quickly discover that motivating people not physically working with you will require a little more […]

Expand Your Business With Offshore Seat Leasing

Expanding your business often means investing in additional resources like more employees, increasing research development and purchasing extra office space. Large corporations handle these types of business moves with almost no regards to the added costs and can do so with little to no disruption to their current operations. If you are running a startup […]

BPO’s Reaping The Benefits Of RPA

For years now many columnist thought Robotic Process Automation (RPA) had the potential to replace Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. RPA was supposed to be the next best thing when it comes to businesses getting more done for less money. Having computer software performing repetitive tasks that previously required an administrative employee has impacted the […]

Hiring Virtual Employees From The Philippines

With all of the advances in technology and the increasing trend of globalization is causing an increased number of small businesses and start-ups looking to hire virtual employees. Companies are attracted to the decreased costs combined with the boost in productivity they experience when going the virtual employment route. Those looking to maximize these benefits […]

Acquiring Overseas Employees With Co-sourcing

Startups and other small businesses often have a hard time acquiring the necessary resources needed for growth and expansion. Whether it be for lack of funding or lack of managers, hiring more employees in-house is usually not a reasonable option. Outsourcing overseas can mitigate the funding and management issues but then companies will be losing […]

Seat Leasing Is The Cheaper Alternative To Outsourcing

Whether your company is a start-up or you are part of a growing company you obviously need to hire outside help. Outsourcing internationally has been one of the easiest and most popular options of expanding business operations. The main reason for expanding business to say the Philippines or India is the amount of money you […]

Leasing Flex Space For Your Filipino Remote Employees

The Philippines has become the top destination for overseas companies to find remote employees. You most likely hired a remote Filipino to cut expenditures and add to your workforce. I’m sure you have been enjoying the sincere loyalty and respect that comes with the Filipino culture. While I am sure you are more than happy […]

Is There a Bubble in Commercial Office Space Prices in the Philippines?

What is going on in the Philippines with their rapid rise in commercial real estate prices? The easiest answer is that the shortage of product is pushing up the prices. Globalization is really taking off in the Philippines as foreign companies continue to open up offices at historical rates. The shortage is not going to […]

Top 4 Qualities of a Great Call Center Agent

Top 4 Qualities of a Great Call Center Agent Call center agents have a lot of responsibilities in their hands. No matter what account they handle, they must strive to satisfy their customers while reaching quotas. Needless to say, this job isn’t something that everyone can do. Recruiting the right call center agent is just […]