How To Motivate Your Offshore Employees

Hiring offshore employees can be a disaster if you don’t know how to properly manage them. A common misconception is that remote employees overseas work similar to outsourcing models where little to no oversight is required. Those new to offshoring quickly discover that motivating people not physically working with you will require a little more effort than you might be used to.

Some managers falsely think that money is the only tool needed to get anyone motivated to do what they need. Yeah money is a key motivator for people to search for jobs but once they land the job money will lose its value over time. Your offshore employees will be quick to quit their job if they feel uncomfortable with the working atmosphere with no regards to their salary.

It is super important for you to have a vested interest in making your offshore employees feel valued and part of the team in order for them to be as productive as possible. The output they provide is going to be directly linked to the satisfaction they have in working for your company. Your success in offshoring is going to heavily rely on the morale of your remote employees. The trick is to make them feel as if they are an integral part of the team and not just some overseas worker.

Ways To Motivate Your Offshore Employees

motivated offshore employee

The limits of what can be accomplished with offshore employees is endless as long as they are motivated. The recommendations in this article are not going to result in overnight motivation but with consistency will have overseas employees eager work each and everyday. Money alone is not going to be enough to keep offshore employees excited working for you so make sure you are proactive and creative in applying different motivation techniques.

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