Seat Leasing And Remote Staffing, Which Is Right For You?

As a small or mid-sized business owner, getting the most out of your money is much more critical, especially when compared to bigger companies that have substantially more leeway when it comes to budgets. Being well informed is one step towards being able to efficiently make use of your resources. If you’re already looking into something along the lines of hiring offshore staff and have come across seat leasing and remote staffing options, being able to discern which service fulfills your needs the best while having a more cost-effective price point, will make the difference between a successful venture and a waste of both valuable time and money.

Seat Leasing

The core service of seat leasing is centered around renting out furnished workstations, whether it be in the same country or a different one. Companies that have staff hired but lack a location are generally the people that sign up for this business model. Without having to worry about buying, renting, or building an infrastructure from the ground up, the business can begin as soon as the agreement with the seat leasing provider is signed.

Additional Services And Resources

Seat leasing doesn’t just stop at the renting of workstations. Depending on who your seat leasing provider is, they may offer additional services such as HR, IT, and recruitment. Business process outsourcing companies or BPOs are the most common seat leasing providers that offer these services. Availing all of these services essentially gives you a remote staffing style service without actually availing of remote staffing. This style of service brings the benefit of selecting which additional service you need in the event that you only need one or all of them.


While getting into specific pricing would yield inaccurate expectations due to the varying prices in different locations and with different service providers, seat leasing is generally financially cheaper than remote staffing. It’s mentioned that it is financially cheaper because, in terms of time saved, seat leasing won’t beat out remote staffing, as that service includes all the tools needed to bypass all of the administrative minutiae associated with hiring staff in another country.

Seat Leasing Compatible Businesses

In all honesty, any business that can be done on a computer is a suitable match for seat leasing. The businesses that will get the most out of it would be businesses that need a temporary location or a business looking to save on infrastructure costs by just renting space while wanting the ability to move location at a moment’s notice. Seasonal accounts who don’t want to buy their own space to only work a couple of months out of the year can avail of this service as some seat leasing companies, such as Clark Staff, allow for shorter-term agreements.

Remote Staffing

Imagine being able to hire people from anywhere in the world at a lower price than you could find locally, that’s essentially what the core of remote staffing is. The other noteworthy part of remote staffing is the ability to focus on only productivity, as the service provider will take care of all HR, IT, and recruiting needs for you. The time saved through this type of service is usually taken for granted until people try it themselves and realize how much more time a day they have without having to take care of backend team management tasks.

Inclusions And Benefits Of Hiring Remote Staff

The first and most obvious benefit of hiring remote staff would be the cost savings. Take a graphic designer, for example, the average salary of a mid-level graphic designer in the US is about $4,172 a month whereas their remote staff equivalent in the Philippines would only cost 

about $480 a month at the exchange rate of 54 Philippine Pesos to 1 US dollar.

Saving time on administrative tasks is a huge deal. It opens up more opportunities to maximize efficiency or take a breather. While not immediately quantifiable, the hours will start to reveal themselves, specifically once your remote team is up and running. If they become autonomous, you’ll have even more time to complete your own tasks as managing them won’t be too laborious.

Unlike with seat leasing, once you sign up for remote staffing, you get the whole package from recruitment, all the way to HR and IT helping to maintain the workstations that are provided. Do take note that different service providers will have different basic packages, but the most common workstation will include a PC, complete with peripherals such as the screen, keyboard, and monitor. For more specific setups, make sure to inquire with your chosen service provider, most if not all procurement requests will be granted after an agreement is met.


Pricing for the entire remote staffing service will depend on which country you choose and the specific provider. Do take note that there is a difference between a full-service BPO and a call center, with the former having customizable solutions that will fit your business and the latter needing you to hit certain requirements before you can avail of their service. While the price of remote staffing is higher than the base price of most seat leasing services, when all the addons are taken into consideration, they are usually comparable in price.

Remote Staff Compatible Businesses

Any growing startup or permanent business of any size can avail of remote staffing services and be successful, given the right steps are taken. Picking a partner that can help you properly manage your staff is one step towards being successful with an offshore remote staffing team. Essentially, if you have any task that can be done on a computer, it can be done by remote staff. Professionals of multiple industries can be hired to work for your company on a remote basis, given that they fit your requirements. For countries that are used to the remote staffing model, finding a niche or job-specific staff isn’t too difficult as they’re more commonplace.

The Wrap Up

Choosing a service that allows you to get the best bang for your buck will allow your company to grow at a much more steady rate without waste. No matter what choice you go with, there are scalable options that will allow you to grow your company without having to spend excessive amounts of money. Make sure you’re asking questions during your meetings with your chosen service providers, as this is your chance to find out which provider is the best for you and your needs.

What Are The Traits And Behaviors Of An Effective Leader?

Have you ever been asked who the best manager, leader, or boss you’ve ever had was? Did you instantly picture them and remember all the good times you had? Can you explain what made that person the best? Chances are you’re going to mention things like being funny and understanding, along with other descriptors. 

Ultimately there are two groups that decide who exactly an effective leader is: their boss(es) and their staff. Their staff will think their leader is effective if they can manage and help the team while keeping morale high. Their boss or bosses will see them as effective leaders based on the timeliness of their deliverables. Ultimately a couple of behaviors and traits will connect most effective leaders but not every great leader will encompass every single trait.

Leading By Example

A behavior that leaders tend to have is the ability to lead by example. Most of the time leaders who exhibit this type of behavior will do it instinctively. The notion of “doing the right thing” is simply “doing the thing” to them. They will always be performing to the best of their abilities and encourage others even when under pressure. Do note that leading doesn’t always involve being out in front of everyone. Sometimes it involves taking a back seat to see what and how everyone is doing and providing them with the support they need to get the job done.


One way to lead by example is to take responsibility for your actions. In some cases, this will also include the actions of others. As a leader, you’re in charge of others and any failures on their parts reflect back to you. Instead of chewing out staff based on their shortcomings, acknowledge the fact that an undesired outcome happened, work to make sure it never happens again, and most importantly own the mistake. By passing on the blame all you’re showing your staff is that you don’t want to be associated with their performance, which in the long run will end up causing the team more damage. Owning a mistake will create a chain reaction in your team, leading them to do the same in the event of a mistake.

Promoting Growth

A good leader should always be lifting their staff up. This means encouraging professional development. In most cases, this should consist of training to improve upon their already assigned tasks. For example, a social media manager could be doing training to improve the quality of their content, they could be trained to use analytics in a more efficient manner that leads to more engagements or even conversions. In some cases, there are opportunities for staff to undergo training towards their long-term goals, even if they’re not directly in line with their current job. Suppose that you have a web developer who wants to grow into a team leader or supervisor role in the future, training courses such as leadership development or the Sigma Six training can help them achieve that goal.

While the main purpose of these training sessions is to better equip your team for their jobs. There is an added bonus of showing that the leader in question does care about their team. Having someone that wants to invest resources into their team’s growth and development goes a long way, especially with matters of morale and retention.

The Wrap Up

Great leaders will be different depending on both the company and the team working under them. Some traits that make leaders great in one company, might not fit the culture of another. In the end, as long as the team working under a certain manager delivers their tasks on time while staying motivated to work, a leader can be considered effective. Whether you are already a leader trying to improve or someone who hopes to be in a leadership position, just remember what the leaders you looked up to did and try to emulate that in your own way.

What Are Philippine Seat Leasing And Incubation Services?

Seat leasing and incubation are some of the solutions offered at full-service business process outsourcing companies or BPOs for short. Though it mostly caters to businesses that already have staff in a particular part of the world (specifically where the seat leasing service is offered), startup businesses can also use this service as a start.

Seat Leasing And Incubation

Seat leasing and incubation are essentially the same things. An incubator is a company that helps startup businesses in their early stages, either through the use of office space, management consulting, or financing. Seat leasing is the leasing or renting of an already existing infrastructure to businesses that already have employees but no workspace. One example of a situation where this service would be useful is if your building is under construction and you need a fully equipped space in order to continue operations. Seat leasing in an established space gives you instant access to resources you otherwise wouldn’t have and most places also offer additional services that also help you grow your business.


Seat leasing is priced per seat – the more seats you avail, the less it costs per seat. In addition to the number of seats, you will also need to specify the amount of time you’ll be needing the space. Most places will offer yearly contracts, but don’t let this stop you from asking if they offer shorter leasing periods. Businesses like Clark Staff offer some plans as short as a month, so there are alternative plans, you just need to search for one that best fits your company. 


The seat leasing service comes with a fully set up infrastructure. Each of your employees will have their own complete desk with a PC complete with peripherals. In the event that your staff needs headsets to work, you should come prepared with your own as COVID has stopped many offices from offering shared or pre-owned headsets. General IT services are also sometimes included, but this isn’t standard across the board and needs to be asked when contacting a service provider.

Extra Services

Almost all seat leasing providers will offer a couple of extra services. These services usually are targeted toward newer businesses who may need help as they cannot afford to hire people to do them yet. Going back to the IT example, seat leasing providers who don’t offer this as a base service will offer it as an additional paid service, without an IT team hired yet, an upstart business can continue to work without large delays.

HR services are also offered at some locations. This means that the administrative tasks associated with having employees will be taken care of by the solutions provider. This allows you to focus on just the productivity aspect of work.

Recruitment services are also offered in the event that you need a new role hired or just a replacement. This allows business owners to avoid having to take on the role of a recruiter. You gain access to a dedicated team of recruiters who will find the right people for the roles you need.

The Wrap Up

Seat leasing is an overlooked service as remote staffing exists and ultimately will save you more time, but seat leasing still has its niche market. You can think of the service as an introduction to remote staffing, allowing you to get a feel for the service without fully committing to it.  Don’t forget that there are additional services you can avail of while seat leasing, such as HR, IT, and Administrative Services. Although, if you’re looking at seat leasing without having any employees hired yet, you might want to consider remote staffing as your solution instead, it’ll save more time and money.

The Pros and Cons of Philippine Seat Leasing

Seat leasing is the act of renting out seats in an already established location. This service comes with several pros when done in the Philippines, but as with most things, there are also cons involved. It’s best to take everything into consideration before making a decision and ultimately the best choice is to reach out to a service provider and ask questions.



One of the main reasons people choose to lease out seats is the cost effective. Seat leasing fees are a fraction of what it would cost to buy, build, or complete a working infrastructure for your company. By availing a seat leasing service, you gain instant access to the core tools you need in order to run your business.

Working Environment

Have your staff working in a professional environment. An alternative to seat leasing would be to allow your employees to just work at home. The benefit of seat leasing is that being in an environment that’s conducive to work allows your staff to produce results, whereas working from home might be too distracting for some staff.

Easily Adjustable Working Arrangement

You can start with just a single seat if all you have is one employee. Adding seats is as easy as contacting your seat leasing provider and giving them the number of seats needed and the hours they will be working. On the flip side, in the event that you need to scale down, that is also as easy as contacting your provider and informing them that you need to reduce seats.


As the Philippines is one of the premier remote staffing and seat leasing locations in the world, you will have plenty of options when shopping around. You have options like full-service BPOs such as Clark Staff, but there are also dedicated co-working businesses that purely offer seat leasing as their service.


Time to Find a Partner

With all the options available to you, it may be overwhelming at first to find a partner who ticks all the boxes that you need. Setting up meetings and attending all of them will take a chunk of your time, even if you delegate this job to someone else, that is one less person doing other tasks.

Shared Space

Being in the same workspace as other teams is a plus when it comes to productivity. This however is a drawback when moving around the office. The coming and going of staff will be constant as other teams will be working there. Something such as going to the restroom may end up being a hassle as you may have to line up, due to the number of other people sharing the same space.

Rules and Guidelines

In line with sharing space, the rules of the seat leasing company must be followed. As they are not your rules, they may at some times hinder the movements of your staff. It is always good to inquire about what rules are enforced when talking to seat leasing companies.

The Wrap Up

Leasing seats comes with both pros and cons. Being able to determine whether or not the pros outweigh the cons in your situation would be key to your decision. Being able to talk to the service provider will always make a big difference, even more so if they’re transparent about their services. Make sure to pick the best fit for your company and its needs.

Top 4 Qualities of a Great Call Center Agent

Top 4 Qualities of a Great Call Center Agent

Call center agents have a lot of responsibilities in their hands. No matter what account they handle, they must strive to satisfy their customers while reaching quotas. Needless to say, this job isn’t something that everyone can do.

Recruiting the right call center agent is just as important as choosing the right call center company for your business outsourcing needs. You, the business owner, must be involved in choosing the right persons that will handle the calls for your business. There are thousands of candidates out there, but you need to consider their skills, personality, flexibility, and dedication.

Choosing the right call center agent may be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Today, let’s take a look at the top 4 qualities of a great call center agent.

Quality #1: The ability to work under pressure


Over the years, the stress levels in a call center office have undergone a significant decline. However, a great call center agent must remain calm and graceful under pressure. Being discomposed can only exacerbate the situation.

When working as a call center agent, there is no way to avoid irate customers. These people may  yell, or even curse on the line, but the agent should know how to remain professional no matter how hot the situation gets.

Quality #2: They need to be versatile


Handling dozens of calls a day requires call center agents to communicate with people with different personalities. Interacting with such number of customers requires a high level of flexibility. When you hire a versatile call center agent, you’re giving your business a valuable asset because these agents can roll with the punches without taking them personally.

Moreover, some call centers require their agents to change shifts on a regular basis. When an agent is flexible, he or she will be able to work even on a challenging schedule.

Quality #3: A great communicator


Now, this one may seem obvious, but a great call center agent needs to have exceptional communication skills. Talking and interacting with your customers make up about 90% of their job. Because of this, you must hire agents with a solid grasp around the English language. Their mastery of the language should be top-notch.

However, talking isn’t the only skill that they must possess. Great call center agents need to be good at active listening. Understanding the needs of your customers is just as important as knowing what to say.

Quality #4: Exceptional efficiency


Great agents should know how to handle tasks quickly without the compromising the quality of their work. As much as possible, you should only hire agents with this characteristic. Why? When your team is made up of efficient workers, they can handle more calls in a shorter amount of time. This means that you will need to hire fewer workers, thus, reducing the amount of money you have to spend on labor costs.

The success of your outsourced call center campaign depends highly on the quality of call center agents that you hire. Partnering with the right company ensures that you only recruit the best persons for the job.

Clark Call Center Space for Lease


How would you like to grow your small or medium sized business? Looking for a cost effective, stable, full package place with complete IT infrastructure? Then you’ve come to the right place because for just $150 per month per workstation you can lease seats in our full setup, turnkey call center.

Want to know more about us?office-building

We provided outsourcing facilities for companies who would like to lease our building here in the Philippines near Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Pampanga. We have a brand new two story building, and 3rd and 4th floors are now being developed. With over 150 available workstations and growing. We would like to help expand your business with the call center seat leasing services that we offer.

What do we offer?

office-work-stationWe provide seat leasing(leasing space within our already established office building). One of the easiest and most practical ways to contract or lease a office space that is already setup with complete state of the art equipment and facilities. Almost everything that you are looking for, such as spacious workstations, stable internet connection for your process, human resources (optional), IT support, secured parking lot, break room and CCTV cameras with a security guard on duty 24/7.


How about leasing in Angeles City


Philippines has been targeted by most companies outside the country, outsourcing their products since its cost effective, highly profitable and the Filipino workers are known to have an excellent soft skills and even in technical field. Angeles City is one of the biggest cities in Pampanga in which turns out to be the most popular site for Call centers. Clark Air is known to be the building spot for Call center due to its perfect environment, security wise and accessibility. Leasing is a very good option for companies who would like to expand their operations into a huge scalable format. Unlike in Makati, leasing would cost much since its rate is twice the price here in Pampanga. This can be one of the good asset for your company to lease in Pampanga, more assets, less liabilities.


sm-clark-mainOne of the popular malls in the Philippines is SM mall and we have that here. We are actually at least 2 to 4 minutes away from the two story mall Sm Clark Pampanga. You will find yourself amazed with dozens of shopping amenities, dinning areas and tons of food selections located at the food court. There is also a theater that plays 5 different movies from 10am to 10pm round the clock, not only that it has cinema entertainment but it also has a what we call “Meeting Place” where there are some bands who play soft and smooth songs for a complete hang out experience. Inside Clark, Philippines is where Diosdado Macapagal International Airport is, known by many as DMIA. Makes it very convenient for people who are on the go. Another tourist attraction site near the office is the Fields Avenue where there are a lot of bars, clubs and even 5 star hotels.

Check this out

ITWith our experienced IT staff, rest assure that you will be getting the technical support 24/7. Making sure that all your needs are being taken of, worry free. Equipments that are state of the art and are proven and tested. Computers running in a quad core CPU (central processing unit). Two large AC to keep computers from heating up, back up generator for power outage purposes with 125 kw generator with noise filter canopy installed, clean and neat CR(washroom) that is just 8 to 10 steps away. We even have a Biometric to keep track of attendance, flat screen monitors, brand new keyboard with headsets.

Things to look forward to:


Computer and Server specs:


All this and more services await you for only $150 per month per seat! We are dedicated to providing the best call center seat leasing services that Clark, Philippines has to offer. Angeles City Pampanga is the place to be!

Seats For Lease: An Aid to Your Technological Limitations

More than the increasing number of investors, it is the stable economic growth of the Philippines which helped ease the cash flow for many business owners. It’s no wonder why, as years pass by, investors can’t help but expand here in the country. With most of its central business districts (CBDs) emerging on top, as the quality of living, and the benefits of this financial district also arises, the Philippine economy has undoubtedly improved and it keeps on improving still.

As technologies and innovations arise, running a business nowadays also tends to rely mostly on technology. From phones, emails, security and most importantly computers and internet, all of them refers to only one source and that is technology. If you are the type who isn’t really used to these kinds of technologies yet have a great potential in running your own business and making it successful, you of course, would need professional help.

Call-Center-in-the-Philippines-300x172One of the most available helps you can immediately get is leasing seatsin an established call center facility. With seat leasing, you can have all you need starting from the terminals or seats, computers, HR services, IT infrastructure and more, by just renting few seats. Furthermore, you can start earning as soon as you have settled an agreement with the building owner. They can even assist you in hiring your own people, if you prefer outsourcing staff too. Here are other advantages of seat leasing:

A.      Fully-Functioning Workplace

More often than not, rented office building or spaces already have fully-functioning facilities that include offices, managerial services (HR Department and the like), conference rooms, complete IT  facility, pantry, comfort rooms, terminals or seats, computers, and even the internet. These services are usually all included in a per-seat rental.

B.      Cost Efficiency
Seat-Leasing-is-the-New-Trend-300x225With the freedom to choose the number of seats to be rented, you surely have a lot to save as compared with buying a whole office building and then using only about five percent of the property. You will also save costs in manpower because you can start your business in small scale, valuing the quality of work while maximizing the benefits your people get. Furthermore, you already have the IT infrastructure and internet connection needed which lessens the hassle of all the paper works for you.


C.      Highly-Economical Rental Rates

The good thing about leasing seats is that you can expect building owners to give you economical rates that will match your budget. The overhead costs are divided among all lessees in the company, thus making the total expenditure less for you, especially if the owner has a lot of tenants. Even the costs of electricity and utilities within the building are all shared which makes it easier for you to pay a monthly fee averaging from $100-$250, depending on the location of the building – whether it’s within CBDs or not.

Makati-City-CBD-300x225Since there is an abundance of pricey office buildings in one of the country’s central business districts – Makati – leasing seats would be the wiser thing to do nowadays. You can still indulge in the benefits of the city as a financial district, while minimizing general costs in your business. Few more advantages of renting a workplace here in Makati, as compared to buying a building, are listed here:

Being a central business district, you can expect Makati to have an access to almost every facility or amenities that an average person may need. Other than the international companies, you can also see restaurants, banks, hotels, leisure facilities, embassies, and the facility which is most abundant, BPO companies.

Most of the time, offices are surrounded by these types of facilities or are adjacent to them. This is a great advantage for people who want to lease seats within the area. Furthermore, you can also start looking for a potential building for your business in the future, once you have everything up and running with your leased seats.

Transportation-in-MakatiCertain areas in Makati City such as leased offices are part of the special economic zones. This means that for as long as the firm or company meets the standards and/or requirements and are located in SEZs, the government will provide them incentives. Managing your business would be less costly and highly manageable. This is especially beneficial for investors who are first-timers in the city.


Unlike other parts of Metro Manila, Makati has a wide variety of different transportation vehicles. There are shuttles, cabs, buses, railways, tricycles and more that are circling around the city. It wouldn’t be a hassle transferring from one location to another for as long as you’re within this CBD. It is also beneficial for foreign investors since most government offices or their satellite offices, which are concerned in business development, are also located here.

Seat Leasing Can Save you Big Bucks

Seat-LeaseSetting up a company like call centers and BPOs really needs a lot of resources especially a huge amount of money to start the operation of a business. Here is the good news, seat leasing is a perfect option to choose from, for office space set-ups among local and foreign BPOs and call center companies creating business operations in the Philippines. Choosing this kind of option is a great solution for investors, because it is very cost-efficient that does not require investing in expensive start-up and can save as much as 40% operational costs. Availing the seat lease will enable the companies to use the necessary facilities needed for the operation of the business. These include the work station, internet connection, IT, conference rooms, pantry and more. However, the services that a seat leasing companies offer depends on which type of seat leasing you prefer to avail. Seat leasing has two types of option called “warm seat” and “cold seat.”

Warm Seat versus Cold Seat

Availing the “warm seat” can give a company a hassle free to recruit and train new employees. The leaser will provide facilities and Human Resource responsibilities such as recruitment, training and payroll. Meanwhile, a “cold seat” is providing only the infrastructure,office space and equipment needed of the business.

Facts About Seat Lease in the Philippines


There are many investors already preferred to seat leased. It help their business to operate smoothly without thinking of any problem related to overhead and other operational costs. Here are some important facts about “seat leasing” that only few people know its significance.

Seat Lease Services


There are numerous seat leasing companies available in the Philippines. Their different kinds of services will vary from the contract that has agreed upon. However, here are the basic services that a seat lease can offer to entrepreneurs planning to venture to call center industries.

The most important thing is to look for a better company that offers seat leasing services. The location is also essential for your business to be successful in the future. Find a place that is peaceful, low traffic jam, great environment, low pollution, has highly efficient employees and more that you can only see here in the Philippines. Surely, in a matter of time you’ll notice that your business is successfully growing and known in the outsourcing industry of the world.