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Seat leasing, also known as incubation, is a service that has you renting out seats. At PhilippineSeatLeasing we also include a PC as part of the package. It’s as simple as that. You handle your staff, meaning all of the administration, IT, HR, and operations, we give you the infrastructure to continue your campaign.

We provide a simple, scalable solution, without long-term contracts. Gain instant access to our facilities and we’ll treat your staff like their our own.

You get access to CCTV cameras, a Biometric clock in/out system, high-speed internet, hardware maintenance, the work station complete with a PC, and access to training rooms. Inquire about our additional services when you contact us.

Contact us to find out more about specific pricing as it changes depending on your needs. Variables like number of seats, specific technical requirements, etc., may all change the total.