Seat Leasing Can Save you Big Bucks

Setting up a company like call centers and BPOs really needs a lot of resources especially a huge amount of money to start the operation of a business. Here is the good news, seat leasing is a perfect option to choose from, for office space set-ups among local and foreign BPOs and call center companies creating business operations in the Philippines. Choosing this kind of option is a great solution for investors, because it is very cost-efficient that does not require investing in expensive start-up and can save as much as 40% operational costs. Availing the seat lease will enable the companies to use the necessary facilities needed for the operation of the business. These include the work station, internet connection, IT, conference rooms, pantry and more. However, the services that a seat leasing companies offer depends on which type of seat leasing you prefer to avail. Seat leasing has two types of option called “warm seat” and “cold seat.”

Warm Seat versus Cold Seat

Availing the “warm seat” can give a company a hassle free to recruit and train new employees. The leaser will provide facilities and Human Resource responsibilities such as recruitment, training and payroll. Meanwhile, a “cold seat” is providing only the infrastructure,office space and equipment needed of the business.

Facts About Seat Lease in the Philippines

There are many investors already preferred to seat leased. It help their business to operate smoothly without thinking of any problem related to overhead and other operational costs. Here are some important facts about “seat leasing” that only few people know its significance.

  • Philippines is the right place to outsource or setting up businesses such as call centers, BPOs and SEOs. Filipinos are very competent, talented, hardworking and are fluent in English language. In fact, Philippines is now rank as the number one call center capital of the world beating India as the competitor country. This made a swift increase in the demands of seat leasing services in the country particularly in the businesses districts such as Manila, Angeles City and Cebu.
  • The cost that a lessee needs to pay to the seat leasing company will depend on the contract agreed upon between them. Meanwhile, seat leasing in the Philippines ranges from USD 100-300 per month and does not need a long term contractual deals. Which is very cost effective than setting up an entire business that will cost an entrepreneur a very huge amount of money. This is most applicable to “Small and Medium Enterprises.”
  • Seat leasing; also help the investor to lessen a lot of paper works on legal processes that is important in registering and setting up a business in the Philippines. Therefore it saves time in different kinds of procedure to run a new business.
  • It is very cost effective than setting up an entire business that will cost an entrepreneur a very huge amount of money. Seat leasing reduces expenses on buying different kinds of equipment needed for the operation of the business while taking complete control  over the operation.
  • Six out of ten newly call centers in the Philippines chose to seat leased in an existing call centers. The benefit in choosing this kind of option is that the company can start right away especially if the entrepreneur has no enough experience in the world of outsourcing world.
  • It is also beneficial for a company to seat lease because the owner does not have to think too much about technical problems. IT services is provided by the leaser of the seat lease businesses.

Seat Lease Services

There are numerous seat leasing companies available in the Philippines. Their different kinds of services will vary from the contract that has agreed upon. However, here are the basic services that a seat lease can offer to entrepreneurs planning to venture to call center industries.

  • Centralized air-conditioning workstation
  • Biometrics scan attendance
  • Highly Secured Area (surveillance camera installed)
  • Training rooms and conference rooms
  • High speed internet connection
  • Technical Support
  • Operational workstation
  • Computers
  • Headset
  • Chairs
  • Pantry and restrooms
  • Phone
  • Software used necessary for call centers, SEO and BPO
  • Inclusive Utilities such as electricity, power and more
  • Staff Monitoring
  • Predictive dialer
  • VOIP communication

The most important thing is to look for a better company that offers seat leasing services. The location is also essential for your business to be successful in the future. Find a place that is peaceful, low traffic jam, great environment, low pollution, has highly efficient employees and more that you can only see here in the Philippines. Surely, in a matter of time you’ll notice that your business is successfully growing and known in the outsourcing industry of the world.

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