Whether your company is a start-up or you are part of a growing company you obviously need to hire outside help. Outsourcing internationally has been one of the easiest and most popular options of expanding business operations. The main reason for expanding business to say the Philippines or India is the amount of money you save compared to hiring in-house . A cheaper and more viable alternative to outsourcing would be to seat lease overseas.

outsourcing vs seat leasingOutsourcing is more expensive than seat leasing because you are essentially hiring a provider to complete a business process. The number of employees or man hours or even how the process gets completed is not your concern. This may sound inviting at first but you must consider the risks compared to the cheaper seat leasing option.

3 Main Outsourcing Risks Are Not Applicable In Seat Leasing

  • Loss of Visibility and Control. I am sure you have heard a horror story or two about outsourcing gone wrong. The common culprit to all these stories is no company oversight over the outsourced tasks. Management or lack thereof at the outsource provider is not going to have your same standards.
    • Seat leasing greatly differs in this aspect as you will still have full control over the manager and/or employees working for you. You are able to communicate with them directly whereas in outsourcing you just talk to an account manager and hope that message reaches down to the people actually doing the work.
  • Reputation RiskIt is quite scary to have people perform something for your business that have absolutely no interests in your company. In essence that is the scenario you have when outsourcing since those people doing the work are not employed by you. This often times leads to poor quality products or services that have your company name on it. A negative impact on your brand is going to cost a lot more than the money you potentially save with outsourcing
  • Intellectual Property Protection.Sharing your company information to an outsource company and having them work on their own network can be risky. Overseas countries usually have less stringent regulations as for as protecting private information and intellectual property. There is no guarantee that proper security measures are in place to protect your company’s data when using an outsourcing provider.

Seat leasing lets you take advantage of the benefits for having employees overseas while still maintaining control over your business. Most BPO companies offering outsourcing also offer seat leasing services which means your employees get to work outsourcing vs seat leasingout of world-class facilities.

How To Hire Seat Leasing Employees

Your seat lease provider can provide you a list of applicants to interview and then you can choose the right person. This makes it extremely easy for you to scale up employees quickly if your business requires it. Expect to pay no more than $250 for each workstation you need. Keep in mind these are ready to use fully furnished workstations connect to fiber internet. The seat leasing provider will even provide administrative/HR support for your remote employees for little to no extra cost. Whether you need an office full of staff or just a single employee a couple of days a week, seat leasing is the cheaper and more viable alternative to outsourcing.

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