The Pros and Cons of Philippine Seat Leasing

Seat leasing is the act of renting out seats in an already established location. This service comes with several pros when done in the Philippines, but as with most things, there are also cons involved. It’s best to take everything into consideration before making a decision and ultimately the best choice is to reach out to a service provider and ask questions.



One of the main reasons people choose to lease out seats is the cost effective. Seat leasing fees are a fraction of what it would cost to buy, build, or complete a working infrastructure for your company. By availing a seat leasing service, you gain instant access to the core tools you need in order to run your business.

Working Environment

Have your staff working in a professional environment. An alternative to seat leasing would be to allow your employees to just work at home. The benefit of seat leasing is that being in an environment that’s conducive to work allows your staff to produce results, whereas working from home might be too distracting for some staff.

Easily Adjustable Working Arrangement

You can start with just a single seat if all you have is one employee. Adding seats is as easy as contacting your seat leasing provider and giving them the number of seats needed and the hours they will be working. On the flip side, in the event that you need to scale down, that is also as easy as contacting your provider and informing them that you need to reduce seats.


As the Philippines is one of the premier remote staffing and seat leasing locations in the world, you will have plenty of options when shopping around. You have options like full-service BPOs, but there are also dedicated co-working businesses that purely offer seat leasing as their service.


Time to Find a Partner

With all the options available to you, it may be overwhelming at first to find a partner who ticks all the boxes that you need. Setting up meetings and attending all of them will take a chunk of your time, even if you delegate this job to someone else, that is one less person doing other tasks.

Shared Space

Being in the same workspace as other teams is a plus when it comes to productivity. This however is a drawback when moving around the office. The coming and going of staff will be constant as other teams will be working there. Something such as going to the restroom may end up being a hassle as you may have to line up, due to the number of other people sharing the same space.

Rules and Guidelines

In line with sharing space, the rules of the seat leasing company must be followed. As they are not your rules, they may at some times hinder the movements of your staff. It is always good to inquire about what rules are enforced when talking to seat leasing companies.

The Wrap Up

Leasing seats comes with both pros and cons. Being able to determine whether or not the pros outweigh the cons in your situation would be key to your decision. Being able to talk to the service provider will always make a big difference, even more so if they’re transparent about their services. Make sure to pick the best fit for your company and its needs.