Can Seat Leasing Dominate The Remote Working Space?

If you came here for a short answer, it’s no. Kept that as short as possible for you. If you’re still wondering why the answer is no, then the rest of this article might help.

Seat leasing is an available option for many different types of businesses in a variety of situations, but has two main targets, businesses with staff but no workspace, and temporary or seasonal accounts. These two types of businesses cover the majority of the clients who avail of this service. While there is a defined audience, it is rare for them to continue to use the service past certain points in their growth cycle.

Another big factor in why seat leasing can’t be the end-all-be-all for remote work setups is because remote staffing exists. This one solution solves all the problems businesses all around the world have, but only for businesses that run continuously, AKA, nothing that only runs for a couple of months out of the year.

The Seat Leasing Target Audience

With the intended audience for seat leasing being more temporary than permanent, customers come and go. This is alright if you’re only running seasonal accounts because it saves you money for the rest of the year. These seasonal accounts may be the only recurring customers for seat leasing services.

The other main target for seat leasing are those businesses without infrastructure. This happens in one of two ways. One, the business has to temporarily close its location for any number of reasons but will reopen at a later date. Instead of being out of commission for a while and losing employees, they can choose to find seat leasing solutions that allow them to continue their operations in the meantime.

The audience is the main reason seat leasing will never hit the same amount of numbers as other solutions such as remote staffing. The sheer number of permanent customers overshadows the amount that only need a workstation temporarily, ultimately making seat leasing not as popular of an option.

Does Seat Leasing Have Limitations?

Seat leasing serving the purpose of a temporary base of operations while you put together your own building or find one to rent long-term is a great service. It’s affordable, flexible, and in some cases the best option. For what it does, there is no limit. The limit comes when you’re ready to grow as a company.

A solution such as remote staffing with a full-service BPO is a more robust solution to having staff offshore than seat leasing. A crude comparison is that of a canoe, yes, it can get you from place to place, but you’d much rather be on a yacht, as it has fewer quality of life features. Seat leasing would be the canoe that can get you from point A to B, but remote staffing would be the yacht that will get you there in the most comfortable way possible.

Remote staffing is more robust and actually designed around helping companies grow. Seat leasing has options to increase seats and while this is growth, it lacks the customizability and some of the functions of remote staffing.

The Remote Staffing Service

Without getting into it too much, the remote staffing service is a bespoke solution for those who need staff but lack the funds, time, and other resources to get a team going. The recruiting, administration, and technical aspects of hiring employees is all taken care of you as part of this service. At its core it is a highly customizable service that allows you to get the staff you need at a fraction of the cost. This is due to the staff being in a different country. The same quality you’d find locally, but due to the currency rates, ends up saving your business a sizeable amount of capital. For example, if you’re looking to start a customer service department, you could hire a whole team of remote customer service representatives at the price of a single one locally.

Now, this doesn’t go without saying, the main target audience of seat leasing doesn’t really match what the remote staffing service offers. A business that is looking for a temporary office with already hired staff CAN partner with a BPO and avail of remote staff, but it typically doesn’t happen. This, however, doesn’t stop remote staffing as a popular option as the number of businesses that want permanent employees who will integrate into their culture is vastly greater than the number of people who need temporary solutions.

The Wrap Up

While it may seem like remote staffing is the best option between the two, it will all depend on your business needs. If you need something temporary, just so your employees can continue work, choosing remote staffing wouldn’t make sense, as you wouldn’t need to hire new long-term employees, you just need the workstations. Likewise, if you need long-term employees, you wouldn’t want to avail of seat leasing due to its temporary nature. The main reason seat leasing isn’t as widely availed is due to the number of businesses that are looking for more permanent people solutions, as opposed to a temporary fix to a problem.