Expand Your Business With Offshore Seat Leasing

Expanding your business often means investing in additional resources like more employees, increasing research development and purchasing extra office space. Large corporations handle these types of business moves with almost no regards to the added costs and can do so with little to no disruption to their current operations. If you are running a startup or SME then your budget is probably extremely limited and need to partake in cheaper and less risky options. Offshore seat leasing can be a viable option if you are looking to expand your business in a quick and easy way without breaking the bank.

What is Offshore Seat Leasing?

Offshore seat leasing is a business model where a you rent fully functioning workspace from a BPO service provider overseas. The workspace can be as little as a single seat and scale all the way up to thousands of seats depending on the needs of your business. This business model is super common for those companies that outsource business processes like customer service, IT support, web development or use virtual assistants to help grow their business.

Seat leasing is a great way to get your feet wet for experimenting with offshore business solutions for your company. The cost to rent a single seat is only about $300 per month and can be leased on a month-to-month basis. This makes seat leasing a lot less risky and obviously a whole lot cheaper than renting an office space or even outsourcing processes a BPO company.

What is Included With Offshore Seat Leasing?

A fully functional workstation is exactly what it sounds like. Your employee will have an assigned ergonomic chair, modern desk and high-performance computer/laptop. Seat leasing also gives you access to a number of different types of private spaces and conference rooms that can be reserved when needed. IT support will be available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance in resolving any problem encountered by your employees. Administrative support can also be provided along with direct oversight and management depending on the needs of you and your employees.

Maintaining full control over your employees with seat leasing is a key difference compared to old school outsourcing models. Normally seat leasing is just providing a place for your employees to work out of but offshore seat leasing provides a lot more than that. The seat lease provider can provide recruitment and training services for you in addition to the workspace that you are renting.

Types of Offshore Seat Leasing

  • Dedicated Seats – This type of seat leasing is where you are renting the workstation / workspace for the entire month 24/7. Your employees will be the only people using these dedicated seats for the duration of your seat leasing agreement. This option is best if you have overseas staff providing 24 hour support since you can use the same leased seat to support multiple employees.
  • CoWorking SeatsCoworking seats is the next best thing for remote employees. Your employee will have an open space full of workstations to choose from along with other freelancers and remote employees. While the workstations are non-dedicated and on a first come first serve basis there are literally hundreds of workstations to choose from. There are many benefits to the socialization aspects and flexibility that comes along with coworking seats. Coworking seats can be rented out hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Flexibility and convenience are the main selling points for using offshore seat leasing to expand your business. The money and time you will save from not having to lease and setup additional office space  on your own will open up new exciting opportunities for expanding your business. Offshore seat leasing is truly a one-stop-shop to not only acquiring more workstations but also increasing your number of employees.

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