Leasing Flex Space For Your Filipino Remote Employees

The Philippines has become the top destination for overseas companies to find remote employees. You most likely hired a remote Filipino to cut expenditures and add to your workforce. I’m sure you have been enjoying the sincere loyalty and respect that comes with the Filipino culture. While I am sure you are more than happy with your employee there is definitely a way to get more production out of them along with improving their morale.

Most Filipinos would choose to work in an office space with co-workers over working at home alone. Filipinos love social interaction which is why there are so many successful call centers in the Philippines. Even Filipinos not involved call center work prefer to work around others so they feel apart of a group. Employees that feel part of a company will perform a lot better than if they are tucked away alone in their home office.

One of the most cost effective ways to improve the performance of your Filipino employee is to lease flex space for them to work out of. Flex space is a workstation in an open office that you pay per month to use. These open spaces can hold as many as 500 employees all doing different types of remote work for different companies around the world. It really is an intriguing sight to see the amount of creativity in the room.

Benefits of Leasing Flex Space for Your Filipino Remote Employee

  1. Productivity. Working from home will always have distractions that keep people from accomplishing as much as they could in an office. It is extremely unlikely that a house in the Philippines will have the technology resources available that an office would. This lack of IT services combined with the distractions can greatly reduce the production of your employee. Flex spaces operate 24/7 365 so your employee can work during any time zone and meet their deadlines. Getting your employee out of the house and into a co-working office will increase their focus and morale.
  2. Employee Growth. Big offices with lots of people working on different projects have a very dynamic and inspiring feel to them. Collaborating and interacting with other remote employees is great to share ideas and get advice. You will definitely benefit from their professional growth and newly acquired skills.
  3. Company Growth. Imagine all that you went through getting your Filipino employee up to speed. Eventually you are going to need to hire more people and that is where having a flex space is great. Getting all of your employees in the same office not only makes training easier but keeps everyone on the same page. Let’s face it, you decided to outsource so you wouldn’t have to worry about that task or business process.

Having an employee in the Philippines is the perfect time to try out flex space. Workstations can be leased for less than $200 a month so there is really no risk. Give your employee the opportunity to be more creative and focused at their jobs. They will have a stronger sense of accomplishment and be more productive. Everyone wins when you lease flex space for your Filipino remote employee.