Seat Leasing: The Alternative to Call Center Outsourcing

It’s important for businesses to maximize their resources. This is why third-party service providers all over the world offer different options, being able to cater to the needs of a wide variety of business owners/professionals allows them to stay competitive in their industry. While many people like the easy plug-and-play options call centers to give them, others seek a service that gives them more options and control, one such solution is seat leasing.

What Is Seat Leasing?

Seat leasing is a service that allows businesses to rent out already set up workstations. You will provide the employees that fill the seats and the seat leasing provider will provide the complete infrastructure. Due to COVID, many seat leasing companies have chosen to forego the inclusion of auxiliary items such as headsets.

The service was built for those who have staff but no infrastructure. While the use case for the service isn’t limited to anyone, it was meant for 3 main audience types:

  • Those who need an office for a set amount of time (seasonal accounts)
  • Those who temporarily have lost access to their office
  • Those who recruited a business fully intending to seat lease and stay agile
Flexible Seat Leasing Terms

Flexible Terms

By far, one of the most beneficial aspects of seat leasing is the ability to change seat numbers quickly. If you’re running a seasonal account for a couple of months and end up needing way more staff, you’re able to avail of more seats by simply informing your service provider the exact number. While most places will require a month’s notice before a change, many providers will allow it with an extra charge.

Plug And Play

As stated before, the seat leasing services gives you the infrastructure needed to work. A basic workstation is already set up for your staff, so when the agreed-upon time comes to start, everything will be ready. While the service is technically considered to be “plug and play,” it is still important to ask your chosen provider what comes with it. Depending on the provider, you may be able to request special items for additional fees, but more on that later on.

Seat Leasing IT Support

IT Support

It should go without saying that when leasing out seats in an already established building, you will have access to IT solutions in some capacity. Like with additional items, it is important to ask exactly what is covered by your chosen plan, as in some cases, only certain technical problems will be covered by a basic plan. In most cases, hardware problems are covered by the basic plan and the onsite IT staff will be able to assist with them.

Additional Services

Full-service business process outsourcing centers that offer seat leasing will also have additional services available. These additional services usually include:

  • Recruitment
  • HR Services
  • Oversight
  • More extensive IT services

Each service allows you to solve specific pain points such as scaling up your business quickly with recruitment. The HR services option allows you to focus solely on productivity as backend tasks like payroll, compensation and benefits will be handled by the service provider. Essentially you could have a remote staffing style service with seat leasing.

Seat Leasing With Larger Teams Means More Savings

Larger Teams Mean More Savings

With wholesale businesses, the larger the amount, the bigger the savings per piece. The same can be said for seat leasing, the more seats you lease, the lower the price per seat. Some providers will even give free access to services once you hit a certain number. Of course, these numbers depend on each service provider, but reaching a certain bracket of seats means cheaper overall prices, making an already cost-effective service even more enticing.

The Wrap Up

With all of the benefits going for it, seat leasing is a viable option for those looking for alternatives to call center outsourcing. Offerings like flexible terms and additional services put it a step above call centers as you’re in control as opposed to being at the will of the call center’s rules. The next time you need more office space, take a look at seat leasing options to see if they better fit your needs.