Cost-cutting Is No Longer The Main Reason for Outsourcing

Cost-cutting Is No Longer The Main Reason for Outsourcing

cost-cutting-is-no-longer-the-main-reason-for-outsourcing2Back in the 1990s, business organizations began contracting external businesses to perform their necessary tasks that are not directly related to their core competencies. This includes data mining and processing, maintenance, customer and technical support, order taking, among others. Organizations decided to move from an all-internal business structure to a partially outsourced structure for cost-saving reasons.

More than two decades later, the outsourcing industry remained as a mainstay in the industry of commerce and has shown no signs of slowing down. Offshore, nearshore, and on-shore outsourcing are the three main outsourcing options. As this business strategy becomes more and more common, entrepreneurs are realizing the true power of outsourcing — and it’s becoming less focused on cost-cutting.

Larger talent pool, better products

While cost-saving is still a good reason for businesses to delve into outsourcing, it is no longer the primary factor that drives the decision. Tight competition forces entrepreneurs to develop their own strategies to outsmart and outperform their rivals.

Through outsourcing, businesses have an access to a global pool of talented professionals. By hiring people with an in-depth knowledge about a specific field, such as web and software development, your business can create a better product for your consumers.

Better efficiency

cost-cutting-is-no-longer-the-main-reason-for-outsourcing1An efficient business is a successful business. Most of the time, in-house employees don’t have the skill or knowledge needed to complete a task quickly. They can spend hours researching and taking in all the necessary information before they can begin working on a specific project that’s not on their level of expertise.

When you decide to outsource, you can hire someone that specializes in a certain field. These experts can accomplish tasks in a shorter amount of time compared to the regular all-around employee. In the world of commerce, time is money, and efficiency is a driving factor of a business’ success.

Non-core business functions can eat up too much of a business’ time and money. By letting external companies handle them, you can focus on the profit generating tasks that are more worthy of your time.

Happier customers

The notion that “outsourcing makes your customers unsatisfied” is so outdated. When done correctly, outsourcing can significantly improve your customer’s experience with your business. Of course, it all depends on the company that you choose to partner with.

Good outsourcing companies provide faster order deliveries, better process transparency, improved customer and technical support, accessibility, among others.

Scalable business setup

When you hire outsourcing companies to handle some of your operations, you’re giving your business an easier way to grow. As time goes by, your business will gain more clients. Eventually, your current workforce would no longer be sufficient in handling the demands of your customers, and you’ll have to expand.

If your firm has a fixed in-house office space, you’ll find it difficult to find space for new staff members which might force you to expand your physical office. This method is costly and inefficient. With outsourcing, you can upscale or downscale your campaign with little effort, thanks to them doing all the legwork for you.

If you’re looking to increase your business productivity, profitability, and efficiency, then outsourcing is the best option for you.

Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing Department

Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing Department

marketingMany business owners often make the mistake of handling multiple roles in their enterprise. However, over time, this can both be inconvenient and downright impossible.

By allowing a different firm to handle some areas of the business, they are giving themselves more time to focus on their core skills. Sometimes, even the most talented entrepreneurs simply have no skill or experience in marketing. But all good business owners know that marketing is one of the main factors that gives life to their business.

This is where outsourcing comes in. Many businesses choose to hire outsourcing companies to handle their marketing and advertising department. Here are some reasons why you should start doing the same.

  1. Expertise

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines are now offering marketing services. Established agencies have large pool of marketing experts to choose from. Their employees undergo several trainings, exams, and other processes before being considered as an employee.

What this means is that your company no longer needs to do heavy recruitment work. You will have instant access to marketing experts.

  1. Guaranteed results

Marketing agencies are focused on generating tangible results. Business owners will know all the strategies that the marketing departments roll out, and they will know what results to expect. Having a solid goal is the very nature of marketing.

By having the ability to easily  assess and measure the generated results of your outsourced marketing team, you can see which techniques are effective for your business and which ones are not. It also allows you to know what your target market wants, giving you time to focus on that aspect while having experts handle everything else.

  1. Business expansion

One of the main goals of an entrepreneur is to grow their business. This means hiring more people to do more tasks, thus, increasing the productivity and efficiency of their business. However, many small and medium sized enterprises are already having a hard time in making ends meet. Startups, for example, don’t have enough resources to do immediate in-house business expansions. The increase in labor, equipment, utility, and other overhead costs is too much for them to handle.

Through outsourcing their marketing department, they have the chance to expand their operations without having to spend too much money.

  1. Beat competition

No matter what industry, businesses are guaranteed to face tough competition from their rivals. In the world of business, you must have that certain hook for you to get noticed by potential clients. Effective marketing strategies give your business a unique “edge” that can leverage your brand and keep it at the forefront of the competition.

As stated in point number 1, outsourcing gives you access to marketing professionals at a much lower cost. By outsourcing your marketing campaign, your business will successfully engage your customers. This will open up a new world of possibilities.

Outsourcing isn’t a “magic bullet” that will solve all of your business needs, but it does provide solutions for a lot of your problems. If you’re looking for a reliable outsourcing company in the Philippines, contact us today!

Clark Call Center Space for Lease


How would you like to grow your small or medium sized business? Looking for a cost effective, stable, full package place with complete IT infrastructure? Then you’ve come to the right place because for just $150 per month per workstation you can lease seats in our full setup, turnkey call center.

Want to know more about us?office-building

We provided outsourcing facilities for companies who would like to lease our building here in the Philippines near Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Pampanga. We have a brand new two story building, and 3rd and 4th floors are now being developed. With over 150 available workstations and growing. We would like to help expand your business with the call center seat leasing services that we offer.

What do we offer?

office-work-stationWe provide seat leasing(leasing space within our already established office building). One of the easiest and most practical ways to contract or lease a office space that is already setup with complete state of the art equipment and facilities. Almost everything that you are looking for, such as spacious workstations, stable internet connection for your process, human resources (optional), IT support, secured parking lot, break room and CCTV cameras with a security guard on duty 24/7.


How about leasing in Angeles City


Philippines has been targeted by most companies outside the country, outsourcing their products since its cost effective, highly profitable and the Filipino workers are known to have an excellent soft skills and even in technical field. Angeles City is one of the biggest cities in Pampanga in which turns out to be the most popular site for Call centers. Clark Air is known to be the building spot for Call center due to its perfect environment, security wise and accessibility. Leasing is a very good option for companies who would like to expand their operations into a huge scalable format. Unlike in Makati, leasing would cost much since its rate is twice the price here in Pampanga. This can be one of the good asset for your company to lease in Pampanga, more assets, less liabilities.


sm-clark-mainOne of the popular malls in the Philippines is SM mall and we have that here. We are actually at least 2 to 4 minutes away from the two story mall Sm Clark Pampanga. You will find yourself amazed with dozens of shopping amenities, dinning areas and tons of food selections located at the food court. There is also a theater that plays 5 different movies from 10am to 10pm round the clock, not only that it has cinema entertainment but it also has a what we call “Meeting Place” where there are some bands who play soft and smooth songs for a complete hang out experience. Inside Clark, Philippines is where Diosdado Macapagal International Airport is, known by many as DMIA. Makes it very convenient for people who are on the go. Another tourist attraction site near the office is the Fields Avenue where there are a lot of bars, clubs and even 5 star hotels.

Check this out

ITWith our experienced IT staff, rest assure that you will be getting the technical support 24/7. Making sure that all your needs are being taken of, worry free. Equipments that are state of the art and are proven and tested. Computers running in a quad core CPU (central processing unit). Two large AC to keep computers from heating up, back up generator for power outage purposes with 125 kw generator with noise filter canopy installed, clean and neat CR(washroom) that is just 8 to 10 steps away. We even have a Biometric to keep track of attendance, flat screen monitors, brand new keyboard with headsets.

Things to look forward to:


  • Newly added 150 worksstations
  • Newly added CCTV camera for security
  • More area for IT Infrastructure
  • Updated specs of IT equipment
  • Huge conference room
  • More updated software, networking and anti virus
  • Wide 19″ flat monitors
  • Open-source dialer for calls and monitoring
  • Biometric time tracker
  • Dedicated high speed internet connections E1s and 3 other business lines
  • Backup servers for files security and much more

Computer and Server specs:


  • Database Servers
  • Juniper Enterprise Router
  • Webservers with backups
  • Giga bit switches
  • High Giga bit memory

All this and more services await you for only $150 per month per seat! We are dedicated to providing the best call center seat leasing services that Clark, Philippines has to offer. Angeles City Pampanga is the place to be!

Seats For Lease: An Aid to Your Technological Limitations

More than the increasing number of investors, it is the stable economic growth of the Philippines which helped ease the cash flow for many business owners. It’s no wonder why, as years pass by, investors can’t help but expand here in the country. With most of its central business districts (CBDs) emerging on top, as the quality of living, and the benefits of this financial district also arises, the Philippine economy has undoubtedly improved and it keeps on improving still.

As technologies and innovations arise, running a business nowadays also tends to rely mostly on technology. From phones, emails, security and most importantly computers and internet, all of them refers to only one source and that is technology. If you are the type who isn’t really used to these kinds of technologies yet have a great potential in running your own business and making it successful, you of course, would need professional help.

Call-Center-in-the-Philippines-300x172One of the most available helps you can immediately get is leasing seatsin an established call center facility. With seat leasing, you can have all you need starting from the terminals or seats, computers, HR services, IT infrastructure and more, by just renting few seats. Furthermore, you can start earning as soon as you have settled an agreement with the building owner. They can even assist you in hiring your own people, if you prefer outsourcing staff too. Here are other advantages of seat leasing:

A.      Fully-Functioning Workplace

More often than not, rented office building or spaces already have fully-functioning facilities that include offices, managerial services (HR Department and the like), conference rooms, complete IT  facility, pantry, comfort rooms, terminals or seats, computers, and even the internet. These services are usually all included in a per-seat rental.

B.      Cost Efficiency
Seat-Leasing-is-the-New-Trend-300x225With the freedom to choose the number of seats to be rented, you surely have a lot to save as compared with buying a whole office building and then using only about five percent of the property. You will also save costs in manpower because you can start your business in small scale, valuing the quality of work while maximizing the benefits your people get. Furthermore, you already have the IT infrastructure and internet connection needed which lessens the hassle of all the paper works for you.


C.      Highly-Economical Rental Rates

The good thing about leasing seats is that you can expect building owners to give you economical rates that will match your budget. The overhead costs are divided among all lessees in the company, thus making the total expenditure less for you, especially if the owner has a lot of tenants. Even the costs of electricity and utilities within the building are all shared which makes it easier for you to pay a monthly fee averaging from $100-$250, depending on the location of the building – whether it’s within CBDs or not.

Makati-City-CBD-300x225Since there is an abundance of pricey office buildings in one of the country’s central business districts – Makati – leasing seats would be the wiser thing to do nowadays. You can still indulge in the benefits of the city as a financial district, while minimizing general costs in your business. Few more advantages of renting a workplace here in Makati, as compared to buying a building, are listed here:

  • Accessibility and Convenience of Location

Being a central business district, you can expect Makati to have an access to almost every facility or amenities that an average person may need. Other than the international companies, you can also see restaurants, banks, hotels, leisure facilities, embassies, and the facility which is most abundant, BPO companies.

Most of the time, offices are surrounded by these types of facilities or are adjacent to them. This is a great advantage for people who want to lease seats within the area. Furthermore, you can also start looking for a potential building for your business in the future, once you have everything up and running with your leased seats.

  • Special Economic Zone Benefits

Transportation-in-MakatiCertain areas in Makati City such as leased offices are part of the special economic zones. This means that for as long as the firm or company meets the standards and/or requirements and are located in SEZs, the government will provide them incentives. Managing your business would be less costly and highly manageable. This is especially beneficial for investors who are first-timers in the city.


  • Easy Transportation

Unlike other parts of Metro Manila, Makati has a wide variety of different transportation vehicles. There are shuttles, cabs, buses, railways, tricycles and more that are circling around the city. It wouldn’t be a hassle transferring from one location to another for as long as you’re within this CBD. It is also beneficial for foreign investors since most government offices or their satellite offices, which are concerned in business development, are also located here.

Seat Leasing Can Save you Big Bucks

Seat-LeaseSetting up a company like call centers and BPOs really needs a lot of resources especially a huge amount of money to start the operation of a business. Here is the good news, seat leasing is a perfect option to choose from, for office space set-ups among local and foreign BPOs and call center companies creating business operations in the Philippines. Choosing this kind of option is a great solution for investors, because it is very cost-efficient that does not require investing in expensive start-up and can save as much as 40% operational costs. Availing the seat lease will enable the companies to use the necessary facilities needed for the operation of the business. These include the work station, internet connection, IT, conference rooms, pantry and more. However, the services that a seat leasing companies offer depends on which type of seat leasing you prefer to avail. Seat leasing has two types of option called “warm seat” and “cold seat.”

Warm Seat versus Cold Seat

Availing the “warm seat” can give a company a hassle free to recruit and train new employees. The leaser will provide facilities and Human Resource responsibilities such as recruitment, training and payroll. Meanwhile, a “cold seat” is providing only the infrastructure,office space and equipment needed of the business.

Facts About Seat Lease in the Philippines


There are many investors already preferred to seat leased. It help their business to operate smoothly without thinking of any problem related to overhead and other operational costs. Here are some important facts about “seat leasing” that only few people know its significance.

  • Philippines is the right place to outsource or setting up businesses such as call centers, BPOs and SEOs. Filipinos are very competent, talented, hardworking and are fluent in English language. In fact, Philippines is now rank as the number one call center capital of the world beating India as the competitor country. This made a swift increase in the demands of seat leasing services in the country particularly in the businesses districts such as Manila, Angeles City and Cebu.
  • The cost that a lessee needs to pay to the seat leasing company will depend on the contract agreed upon between them. Meanwhile, seat leasing in the Philippines ranges from USD 100-300 per month and does not need a long term contractual deals. Which is very cost effective than setting up an entire business that will cost an entrepreneur a very huge amount of money. This is most applicable to “Small and Medium Enterprises.”
  • Seat leasing; also help the investor to lessen a lot of paper works on legal processes that is important in registering and setting up a business in the Philippines. Therefore it saves time in different kinds of procedure to run a new business.
  • It is very cost effective than setting up an entire business that will cost an entrepreneur a very huge amount of money. Seat leasing reduces expenses on buying different kinds of equipment needed for the operation of the business while taking complete control  over the operation.
  • Six out of ten newly call centers in the Philippines chose to seat leased in an existing call centers. The benefit in choosing this kind of option is that the company can start right away especially if the entrepreneur has no enough experience in the world of outsourcing world.
  • It is also beneficial for a company to seat lease because the owner does not have to think too much about technical problems. IT services is provided by the leaser of the seat lease businesses.

Seat Lease Services


There are numerous seat leasing companies available in the Philippines. Their different kinds of services will vary from the contract that has agreed upon. However, here are the basic services that a seat lease can offer to entrepreneurs planning to venture to call center industries.

  • Centralized air-conditioning workstation
  • Biometrics scan attendance
  • Highly Secured Area (surveillance camera installed)
  • Training rooms and conference rooms
  • High speed internet connection
  • Technical Support
  • Operational workstation
  • Computers
  • Headset
  • Chairs
  • Pantry and restrooms
  • Phone
  • Software used necessary for call centers, SEO and BPO
  • Inclusive Utilities such as electricity, power and more
  • Staff Monitoring
  • Predictive dialer
  • VOIP communication

The most important thing is to look for a better company that offers seat leasing services. The location is also essential for your business to be successful in the future. Find a place that is peaceful, low traffic jam, great environment, low pollution, has highly efficient employees and more that you can only see here in the Philippines. Surely, in a matter of time you’ll notice that your business is successfully growing and known in the outsourcing industry of the world.